Saturday, 23 January 2010

A week in the life of a Mexican teenager

Thank you Brenna and your students for this information

A week in the life of a Mexican teenager:

Monday – Friday:

1. 7am – 2:45pm the kids are at school

2. 2:45pm the kids return to their homes to eat lunch with their families. In Mexico, lunch is the most important and largest meal of the day, and often the family will spend over an hour at the table, talking and eating and enjoying their food and company!

3. After lunch, most students will complete any homework that has been assigned

4. 8pm is about the time that people eat dinner (something small, for example a bun and some milk, or a small and simple sandwhich)

5. At night during the school week, most teenagers just stay at home and watch t.v. or surf the internet.

**It is uncommon for the students to “go out” during the school week. Sometimes teenagers will get together for a few hours to go for a coffee with some friends, or to do homework, but most of their time they spend at home.**

Friday night:

Friday night is the night to go out in Mexico if you are a teenager (along with Saturday night of course)!!! Some preferred activities are (and they usually ocurr in this order):

1. Head to the mall for some shopping

2. Go out with friends for some drinks

3. Go to a party or a club!

(No school the following day, so sometimes they get a bit party-crazy) J



Saturday is the day that teenagers spend with their friends, or doing activities that interest them. Some activities include:

1. Go to the mall

2. Hang out with friends or boyfriend / girlfriend

3. Go to the cinema

4. Go to the clubs (at night)

5. Do Friday`s homework


In general, Sunday is family day. Teenagers will stay at home with their families, or go out with their families and take part in various activities together. In Mexico, the families are VERY big. Often, the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc are considered to be part of the close family, and not the extended family. It is not uncommon that on a Sunday, many members of the family unite at a house or restaurant to eat lunch together (in this case, everyone comes: grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, sometimes even close friends)

It is also common for teenagers to go to the cinema on Sunday nights, and for them to complete the homework assigned to them on the previous Friday.

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