Saturday, 23 January 2010

One night dancing with friends in Argentina

My nightlife as a teenager in Argentina, in my case, is very simple.

I am not the kind of girl that organizes all the nights out for all to come with us, its the other way round, I´m the one that is convinced by the others!. But anyway i finish going out...with my clasmates and other friends we use to go to clubs for dancing, and schools also, because to many of us our parents don`t let us go to dancing to public discos.

At night, after a school show we go to eat to a restaurant, this year we went to the embers. When we go to dinner to places like that we use a simple end efficient method...we make what we called chanchito, where we all discuss about what amount of money are we all going to spend for eating, for example if we ate with $100, and we were 8 we divide that amount by 8 so each of us will pay $12,50 to complete the amount that was spend.

Written by Pamela

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